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This category doesn’t contain any articles.  Rather, it contains links to other sites you may find interesting.  If I ever use a reference in any article, that reference will also show up in this category.

RRS: The Rational Response Squad.  If you think there aren't enough atheists out there, go here.

Open-Mindedness: A great critique of the notion that rejecting the supernatural means that you're not being open-minded, among other awesomeness.

Russel's Teapot: If you're okay believing in God as a matter of faith, what about Russel's Teapot?

General Relativity: Look closely, and you'll see that the theory was published and made a postdiction before it had "a solid empirical foundation."  Solid empirical foundations don't come until you've made verified predictions.  That's how evidence works.

Indiana Pi Bill: A famous attempt to establish scientific results through legislative fiat.

Galileo Affair: It took over two centuries for the Catholic church to admit that the earth goes around the sun.

Fear Memory: Study of rats indicates that some memories linked to fear are stored differently than other memories.

Vanderbelt University Christian Fraternity: Discrimination masquerading as religious tolerance.

Pasta Strainer Headgear: Man wins right to wear a pasta strainer as "religious headgear" in his driver's license photo.

Relativity of Wrong: A great essay by Isaac Asimov about what we mean when we say things like "Newtonian mechanics is wrong."

Analytic Thinking Demotes Religion: Experiments show that well-documented techniques that prime (prepare) individuals for analytic thinking also decrease self-reporting of religiosity.  I'm pretty sure this is peer-reviewed article they're talking about, and I know I've read it somewhere before, but that link requires a subscription.  If you're interested and at a university, check to see if they can get you access to the article.