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Friday, March 18, 2011

Site Layout

A list of all the different categories and what they mean.

About: Articles in this category contain information about the site.  It’s a good place to go if you’ve never been here before.  Also, any site news will be archived in the About category.

Foundations: Foundation articles should be read first.  These articles are designed to get you thinking in productive ways.  They often introduce key concepts that are used frequently throughout the other articles.  You will get a lot more out of the rest of the site if you first take some time to browse the Foundations category.

Criticism: This category contains articles criticizing some common position or belief.  Most often the criticism will address religion, because that is the focus of this blog.  However, every now and then I level some criticism against positions unrelated to religion.

Enlightening: Enlightening articles contain more advanced topics, often from physics or mathematics (my specialties).  They are typically harder reads, though I do what I can to keep the content from getting too technical for the casual consumer.

Light: Light is a category I use to indicate that an article is fairly non-serious or “fluffy.”  If you’re not really in the mood for deep thinking, and just want some quick entertainment, the Light category is a good place to look.  It’s also a nice way to give yourself a break between the more profound articles.

Inspiration: If you’re feeling down about the state of the world, or if you’re having trouble figuring out why you should care about the whole theist-atheist debate, try reading a few Inspiration articles.  Many Inspiration articles are also Light, so this can be another nice way to take a break from more demanding content.

Ammo: These articles contain quick, simple objections or sound bites you can pull out against theists whenever you find yourself in a bind.

Ongoing: Ongoing is a label used for any articles that are part of a series.  These are typically topics that I revisit every now and then.  Sometimes these revisits consist of sequel articles, while other times I simply expand an existing article.

Non-Sequiter: The Silver Skeptic’s main focus is to address (or in other words break) the social taboo against skepticism towards religion.  However, every now and then I get the urge to write something completely different.  All that “other stuff” falls under the Non-Sequiter category.

Guest Post: Posts not written by Zaq.  If you would like to submit a guest post, please e-mail it to  Please include the words "Guest Post" in the subject line, or I might just delete your email without opening it.

References: This category doesn’t contain any articles.  Rather, it contains links to other sites you may find interesting.  If I ever use a reference in any article, that reference will also show up in this category.

Quotables: Some snazzy quotes to get your skepticism going.  Updated weekly.

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