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Sunday, June 5, 2011

News Updates

A couple of news updates.

No More Editor’s Choice:  I’ve realized that I’m too indecisive to actually use this.  If I get a reasonably large readership, I may change it to a Reader’s Choice award, but for now it’s just gone.

Quotables: I’ve added a new page where I’ll be putting some snazzy one-liners.  They’re all original, and hopefully memorable.  There’ll be a new quote accompanying each new blog post.

Timetable: If you’ve been following the blog, you’ll have noticed that I tend to post Saturday nights (though sometimes it’s technically Sunday morning).  This is because of an RPG that my friends are running through Skype.  I’m not actually in the RPG, but I listen in and use the time to do E&M homework and make blog posts.  Over the summer, I will be in the RPG, so the timetable may change.  The posts will still be weekly and at the same time each week, give or take a few hours.

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