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Sunday, May 20, 2012

This Week's Assignment

So you guys will have to bear with one or two more filler posts as I finish up the quarter.  This week, I have an assignment for my readers.  Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write one of the following terrible crossover fics.  The winner, of course, is the one who manages to make the best puns.  Your options are:

A Harry Situation (Harry Potter X The Dresden Files)
With Voldemort in hiding, Harry Potter calls on the wizarding world's greatest detective. But this time, Dresden's bitten off a little more than he can chew.

My Little Ponyta (Pokemon X My Little Pony)
Can Ash and his crew save Rainbow Dash from Team Rocket's nefarious plot?

Starcraftrekwars (Starcraft X Star Trek X Star Wars)
The Zerg have attacked the New Republic and infested Luke Skywalker. Will the Enterprise arrive in time to save the day?

Animorphiacs (Animorphs X Animaniacs)
The war with the yeerks was bad enough without getting Planet Warner involved. But now we have a new problem on our hands. Three new problems. Are Yako, Wako, and Dot controllers, or are they just... insane?

Bill and Ted's Excellent Matrix (Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure X The Matrix)
Neo heads into the past to show his younger self just how deep the rabbit hole goes.

The Cat in the Hat Comes Back to the Future (The Cat in the Hat X Back to the Future)
Doctor Brown's DeLorean has been stolen! Can Marty save the day, or will Thing1 and Thing2 destroy the spacetime continuum?

Kirby's Return to Inception (Kirby's Dreamland X Inception)
Kirby's used to living in Dreamland. But what happens when he finds out that Dreamland isn't just a dream.  It's a dream... within a dream!

Ender's Game of Thrones (Ender's Game X Game of Throwns)
Arya's survived several battles.  But how will she fare in battle school?

The God Delusions of Mediocrity (The God Delusion X Magic: The Gathering)
Richard Dawkins never expected to become a planeswalker. But now Yawgmoth and Yahweh have teamed up. Will Urza's plan to defeat these tyrants succeed, or is he simply deluding himself?

Walker, Texas Power Ranger (Walker, Texas Ranger X Power Rangers)
Ivan Ooze is back, and the Power Rangers are at their wits’ end.  It’s time for plan B: Head to Texas and call for backup.

The Twilightning Thief (The Olympians X Twilight)
Percy Jackson has just stolen what little spark remained in Bella's romance. How far is Edward Cullen willing to go to get it back?

Azumanga Dai-Oh My Goddess (Azumanga Daioh X Oh My Godess)
Chiyo convinces the gang to check out an old Buddhist temple.  Hilarity ensues.

Remember the Teen Titans (Teen Titans X Remember the Titans)
Boone’s team is all set to defend their title.  But are birderangs really legal in this game?

Danny Phantom Hourglass (Danny Phantom X The Legend of Zelda)
Gannon isn’t exactly a ghost, but he’s still a big meanie.  Can Danny take him down before Zelda’s time runs out?

Plumbers of the Caribbean (Mario Bros X Pirates of the Caribbean)
Bowser wants the pearl, and he isn’t taking no for an answer.  Can Mario and Luigi help Captain Jack save his beloved ship?

Catching Firefly (Hunger Games X Firefly)
The fight for Panem is going poorly… until Captain Reynolds shows up!

Holmesward Bound (Sherlock Holmes X Homeward Bound)
Shadow, Sassy, and Chance are lost in London.  Can the great detective track them down?

Thor of the Rings (Thor X Lord of the Rings)
Sauron wants to seize control of Middle Earth.  But the Norse gods aren’t happy with his plans.

Party Rockers Dr. House Tonight (Party Rock Anthem X House)
Dr. House had better learn to shuffle if he wants to keep up with these rockers.

The Butter Battle Necronomicon (The Butter Battle Book X The Necronomicon)
War breaks out when Cthulu decides to eat his bread butter-side-down

Scooby Doo and Doctor Who Too (Scooby Doo X Doctor Who)
Somebody’s been impersonating The Doctor and committing dastardly crimes.  Can Scooby and the gang clear his name?


  1. Yakko had been scared before. But not like this. Every other fear he had experienced in his life seemed like an animated cartoon compared to actually standing in the Siberian Tiger pit at the San Diego Zoo. As the tigers sprawled out lazily in the sun, warming themselves an yawning sleepily, Yakko's situation finally dawned on him- he was going to die today, and he hadn't even been to prom yet.

    "YAKKO!", cried Dot from the edge of the pit, about 30 feet above him. "SHH!", Wacko jumped over to Dot and quickly threw his hand over her mouth. "Don't startle them!", the Warner warned. Dott nodded and calmed herself down. Wacko let her go and whispered down to Yakko, "What are you doing down there brother??"

    Yakko snapped out of his frozen state when he heard he brothers words. "I... I'm going to absorb the tiger." "Are you INSANE?", whispered Dot. "It's far too dangerous! You'll be killed!" "They don't have 'maniac' in our name for nothing do they?", said Yakko rather cheekily. "I'm getting this tiger. And then I'm getting out of here."

    Yakko slowly approached the beasts. The furthest one happened to also be the biggest, and feeling zazy to the max, Yakko knew if he was going to do this he had to do it 100%. "You've half-assed everything in your life save for singing all the nations of the world, let's do this right." The beasts payed little attention to the sneaking Warner, and in no time he was next to the alpha tiger. The beast was large and strong, and Yakko could sense the great power of millions of years of evolution he was about to receive. He took off he glove, and reached out his hand. Wacko whimpered. Dott gasped. "Easy big fella, I may look like a big piece of balognea to ya, but I guarantee I don't taste half as good as I look." Yakko palmed just below the neck of and started to think of melding his DNA with the tiger, just like his Andalite mentor had told him. The beast grew even more sleepy, and soon he was fast asleep, and the absorption complete. Yakko had done it. He had gotten the power of the tiger. Dot and Wacko jumped and hugged ecstatically while making sure to make no noise. Yakko gave the tiger a Lando Calrissean salute and made his way carefully back to the wall of the tiger pit. Using his renowned jumping skills, Yakko leaped out of the pit next to his brother and sister. "I got it. I did it. I can become", pausing for a breath and a smirk, "a tiger."

  2. Alright, a vict-er... participant.

    You get mad kudos for actually including some puns. Though I shall have to dock you points for not including any of the animorphs characters.

    Being this competition's only participant, you are now simultaneously in both first and last place.

  3. In my defense- The tiger pit and tigers were featured in the book I submit that they were indeed characters as they were written as the same tigers Jake absorbed from the novel.

  4. Oh, alright. Though it would still help to work in one of the *sentient* animorphs characters.

  5. Nice way to get peaky creativity from the masses. Though I would have preferred the option of Thunder-catocalypse ...Where in mum-ra takes up bass guitar in attempts to take over the world through dethklok's metal and media mayhem and only the witts of wily kit, wily kat, and snarf can save the day, As the Thundercats are subdued into kitten stance by the sweet guitar riffs. But that is my opions, hows your write that for me Sir?

  6. @Anonymous. I am far too unfamiliar with both Thundercats and whatever else you're referencing to make a crossover fic.

    Educate yourself


  8. The Girl With the Dragon Tales Tattoo
    Twelve Angry Birds
    American Beauty and the Beast
    Star Trek: The Next Generation Kill
    Little Red Robin Hood
    Schoolhouse Rock of Ages
    Iron Man of la Mancha
    War Games and Peace
    Ferris Bueller's Day Off-Broadway
    Master and Margaritavilla
    Casino Battle Royale
    The Fox and the Hound of the Baskervilles
    A Study in the Scarlet Letter
    The Signs of Four
    M. Night Shyamalan's The Village People
    Anne of the House of Seven Green Gables
    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Quest
    Jurassic Parks and Recreation
    The Importance of Being Human
    Fantasia 2000 Leagues Under the Sea

    I am so bored at work right now.

  9. Haha

    You're supposed to come up with brief descriptions too though...

  10. But that sounds like work...

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