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Sunday, November 18, 2012

More Consistent Standards

Alright guys.  My life has been busy with work, illness, and now Thanksgiving coming up.  I swear I'll return to the currently-suspended ongoing series at some point.  But it might not be until December.  But for now, here's the post I'd originally planned to follow up the series with.

If the phrase “We are Straight” was printed on our currency, would you tell gay rights activists to stop trying to get it removed?

If the Pledge of Allegiance contained the words, “One nation, of fair skin, with liberty and justice for all,” would you blame the NAACP for pushing to change it?

Would you criticize the Supreme Court for ruling that non-white kids don’t have to recite it in school?

If someone told you that America was a straight nation, would you find it a convincing argument against gay marriage?

What if they pointed out that all our founding fathers were straight?

If the President said he doesn’t think that libertarians should be considered citizens, would you be outraged?

If religious extremists vandalized a billboard that read, “Gay?  You are not alone,” would you be outraged? 

If the Boy Scouts of America refused to accept autistic kids as members, and repealed the rank of Eagle Scout awarded to several autistic kids who had otherwise qualified for that rank, would you ask politicians to stop supporting the organization with your tax dollars?

If public schools announced each morning that there would be a “moment for voluntary silent affirmation of male dominance,” would you tell the women who complained that they were just overreacting?

Would the fact that girls wernn’t required to participate make it ok?

If a charity group spent a sizeable portion of their money purchasing copies of “Fifty Shades of Grey” to pass out at their soup kitchen, would you criticize them for being inefficient?

If the phrase, “How Caucasian of you,” was commonly used to commend another’s moral integrity, would you tell Asians to stop making a big stink over nothing?

If teens across America were scared of telling their parents that they’d found Jesus, would you tell the churches to stop trying to interfere with parental rights?

If Presidential candidates routinely mentioned Atheists in their speeches, yet never seemed to mention any Christians, would you tell complaining Christians to move to Canada?

Why is it that whenever it’s an Atheist bringing criticism, suddenly it’s not worth listening to?

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