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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Okay Fine, Here's Some Commandments...

We all knew this was going to happen sooner or later...

Do not hold any individual belief, principle, or conclusion as utterly unquestionable, un-analyzable, or incomprehensible (that includes these commandments).

In all things, seek the betterment and happiness of all persons throughout all of space and time.

Correct inconsistencies in both your thoughts and your actions.

Do not be afraid to think, nor to learn, nor to imagine.

When in disagreement, let precise and independently confirmed observation serve as your impartial mediator.

Hold suspicious all those beliefs which do not inform your anticipations.

Think not of vengeance, even when masquerading as justice.  Think instead of improving the situation (in which genuine deterrents do play a part).

Assign your value only to the totality of the results, and never restrict them to some fraction thereof, nor to the mechanisms for achieving those results.

Do not become the enemy of your children’s future.  Learn to admit when you are wrong and let the world progress.

Be wary of your intuition, especially when in unfamiliar territory.



Author’s Note:  Commandments are listed in a rough approximation of their importance and/or breadth.  Commandments subject to change as per Commandment 1.


  1. Facebook Friend Joe says:

    The commandments you listed are basically the ones I came up with as a teenager. The vengeance one is particularly important. We should only concern ourselves with solving problems, not seeking revenge.