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Monday, March 25, 2013

Get Your Crossover Fix

That's right, it's time for yet another horrible crossover fanfiction challenge!  Here are your suggested crossovers:

Oppa Gundam Style (Oppa Gangnam Style / Gundam)
Eh, sexy lady… in a GIANT MECHA!

The Day After Tomorrow Never Dies (The Day After Tomorrow / James Bond)
In this apocalyptic thriller, James Bond faces his toughest supervillain yet: Global Warming

I Kissed a Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and I Liked It (I Kissed a Girl / The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo)
It felt so wrong, it felt so right, doesn’t mean Lisbeth is in love tonight.

Mission Kimpossible (Mission Impossible / Kim Possible
Ethan Hunt and his team will rue the day they crossed paths with a cheerleader, a bumbling loser, and a naked mole rat.

The Neverlanding Story (The Never-ending Story / Peter Pan
Peter Pan and Bastion must fly to Neverland to stop Captain Hook from destroying Fantasia!

Little Red Robin Hoodwinked (Hoodwinked / Robin Hood)
Granny’s sweet shop has kept the people of Locksley working day and night for naught but a pittance.  Robin Hood sets out to right this travesty.  Will Red stop him… or join him?

Nightmare on 34th Street (Nightmare on Elm Street / Miracle on 34th Street)
Freddy has made his way to New York and is now murdering mall Stantas left and right.  It will take a miracle for Susan to stop him before he kills the real Saint Nick.

2001: A Space Jam Odyssey (2001: A Space Odyssey / Space jam)
Moron Mountain is back in business.  The once-tiny aliens have discovered an obelisk, which has augmented their athletic abilities.  And to make matters worse, HAL is coaching them!  Can Michael Jordan’s mad skillz save the day again?

Starbucks Outfoxed (Star Fox / Starbucks)
The green laser blasted the cappuccino machine to smithereens.  The hapless cashier turned to face the door, only to reel in terror at the sight of a wolf with a blaster in hand.  The beast let out low growl, it’s eyes fierce.  “Can’t let you brew that Starbucks!” it said.

Annie Frank’s Diary (Anne Frank’s Diary / Annie)
On the run from the Neo-Nazis with Daddy Warbucks, Annie makes a new friend.

Read or Die Hard (Read or Die / Die Hard)
The world is in danger, and John McClane lies beaten and battered.  Has our hero’s luck finally run out?  Enter… The Paper Sisters!

How to Train Your Dragonball Z (How to Train Your Dragon / Dragonball Z)
Hiccup's new task: Teach Goku the ways of the dragonball trainer.  The bad news: Goku is a very slow learner.  The good news: We have a hyperbolic time chamber!

A Series of Unfortunate Treants (A Series of Unfortunate Events / Dungeons and Dragons)
If you would rather read about a happy little elf name Drizzt, I suggest you put this book down now.  For this is the story of how the Baudelaire orphans came to the wander through the Woebegotten Wood, and how they trembled before the Terrible Treants, and it does not end well.  Not at all.

Dumb and Dumber for Dummies (Dumb and Dumber, "For Dummies" series)
Your guide to every single joke and pop-culture reference… in case you’re too stupid to figure it out for yourself.

Fifty Shades of Grey’s Anatomy (Fifty Shades of Grey / Grey’s Anatomy)
This time, Anastasia’s sensual adventures will be anatomically correct!

To Kill a Mockingbill (To Kill a Mockingbird / Kill Bill)
Beatrix and Scout go on a murderous rampage.  Their new target: Mister Billups.

The Hardy Boyz in the Hood (The Hardy Boys / Boyz in the Hood)
Ricky’s Football Scholarship has been stolen!  Can the Hardy boys find the culprit before the Boyz lose their educational opportunities for good?

Saw and Order (Saw / Law and Order)
Docket number 1313, The State of New York v John Kramer.  Can McCoy lock this psychopath up for good?

It’s Getting Hot in Here, so Take off Every Zig (Hot in Here / All Your Base)
I was like, good gracious, ass is bobacious / Flirtatious, taking your bases
It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your Zig. / I am getting too hot, I wanna move my Zig now

Avatar: The Last Sharebender (Avatar: The Last Airbender / Occupy Wall Street)
Aang and the gang make their way to the Liar Nation, whose two-faced politicians are constantly in the pockets of the one percent. Can Aang's sharebending powers lead the Occupy movement to victory?

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